Building a better Bradford

Two28 works with community projects that further the growth of the Kingdom of God in the Bradford Metropolitan area.

Have an idea that needs watering?

Two28 can help out with seed funding to kickstart new ideas with the potential to transform an aspect of life in Bradford.

Supporting all sorts

There is no restriction on the nature of work we are able to support, only that it has a positive impact that will change Bradford for the better.


We are particularly keen to meet passionate people from any background with a heart for Bradford, who have innovative ideas that are difficult to fund by other means.

Working together

Two28 love to support groups of people coming together to work on something great, particularly lay people from different church congregations.


Two28 is network of Christians committed to living the prayer 'your kingdom come on earth as in heaven.' We have a vision for Bradford as a city where captives are set free, the blind see, and where proclaiming the year of jubilee really is good news for the poor.

We are looking to meet innovative, creative people with a passion for Bradford, who share our vision, and who have an idea that will help bring it about. If that's you, please get in touch.